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Tom's Turnouts & Trackwork

Thomas Stoltz
37 Kohler Rd.
Dresden, ME. 04342

Welcome to our website!

At this time, we are no longer manufacturing turnouts. There are currently no plans in place to resume manufacturing. We are keeping this website as an historical archive, but please be aware as you scan it that, for now, it is all just history!


Tom has done a set of videos showing his testing setup, discussing his standard wheel gauge with some comments on gauging AF and Flyonel wheelsets, and showing his test train in action. The videos are here.

We've added 3 short videos by Rob Berridge and links to TWO YouTube videos by Allen Evans. These are on the Gallery page. Tom has done a couple of designs showng some alternative layouts for yards, using #6 turnouts. They are on the Templates page. Watch this space!

We've also added some pictures and videos of three layouts that use Tom's Turnouts. They are listed in the menu under the Gallery page. We have pictures from Allen Evans, Dick Iannacone, and Ed Stead. If you would like us to feature your layout, please send us pictures and/or video!

Tom's Turnouts & Trackwork is a manufacturer of model railroad turnouts in S scale, located in Maine.

When I started designing my Hi-rail S guage layout, I found there were plenty of commercial turnouts for tinplate and scale layouts, but nothing for Hi-rail. I didn't want the toy train look of the closing frog turnouts, and the plastic frogs of commercial available turnouts had stalling problems at slower speeds. So I built my own. After finding success with my design, I took them to a Maine S Gauger meeting where the members encouraged me to sell them to other S gaugers. As a result, Tom's Turnouts &Trackwork was started.

It wasn't my intention to design a Hi-rail turnout that would also allow scale to operate, but one day a new idea for the design came to me. With a little tweaking here and there, I found that not only would Flyer and Hi-rail operate through the turnouts, scale would reliably run through them as well.

We make turnouts in several configurations, using either S Helper Service 155# nickel silver rail, or code 148 brass or nickel silver, to match American Models track.

  • Ideal turnout for SHS 155# or American Models Flex Track (Code 148/ nickel silver or brass weathered rail)
  • #4, #5, #6 and #8 turnouts available
  • Fully gapped, DCC ready
  • Pre-wired, all rails live
  • Prototypical, all metal open frog
  • Continuous closure rails for smooth operation and electrical reliability
  • Real wood ties, pre-stained
  • Use with ANY S gauge track system
  • Designed for 3" track spacing
  • Sturdy, dependable construction

The goal of Tom's Turnouts is not to compete with other S guage manufacturers but rather to fill a niche by providing trackwork products that are not currently available. As one thing leads to another, new applications are constantly under development.

For more information, please email me at tstoltz@roadrunner.com

Please drop the webmaster a note if you find a mistake, or have a suggestion for improving the site!


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